From the heart ~Jisi Arun

I am not a good writer at all, just thought of writing few lines about my first experience as a volunteer in LFB.

Its was 12:40pm, myself with my spouse Arun reached the Ejipura slum location. Supriya with family including her cute little daughter already reached few mins before us. Together we had brought 404 food
packets which we collected from many lovely donors at few apartments in Singasandra including where we are residing.

The sun was direct above the head and I was thinking how to step out of the car in this hot climate. Soon many LFB volunteers including Harshil (I was so happy to meet him, the person with great thought,
founder of LFB), Khalid and all reached the spot and we started discussing the plan. Then itself we could see people residing in that slum area were gathering and as instructed forming the line to receive
the food packets. There were many children in that group, and when we started the distribution, on seeing various faces with smiles and gratitude, we all didn’t feel the hot climate even, and we could
easily distribute the food packets there. Could see that many of them were running and keepimg the packets inside their hut and coming back to collect again. I was actually wondered when one grandma
there talked to us in “English” 🙂

From there, we moved to another slum area. During the distribution, I saw one cute little girl running and coming and I was surprised to see that she came and stood in the line. Even in many places we
can see educated adults not following this minimum ethics. I move forward and gave the food packets including one cake piece packet and looking at that cute face I asked name with my limited knowledge
in Kannada. With her sweet voice, she replied “Keerthana”.

Keerthana entered deep inside my heart and on seeing her pic clicked by someone (later came to know its clicked by Hari), I am getting the great feeling which I experienced in my first LFB drive. Hari, Thanks a lot for the adorable clicks !
These pics really cherish our memories. We could even see the helping minds in that slum itself, as one lady directed us to other nearby slums by telling please give food to the people over there as well.
We went and distributed food packets in few more small slum areas and returned home with many many smiling faces in my heart.

Even I spent only 1.5 hrs in those slum areas, felt like have been there for many hours. And it’s really precious in my life than spending many hours for other things.
Thanks a ton to the LFB team for giving this awesome, memorable experience ! and surely my participation will continue.

– Jisi Arun