Help each other. Build a smile! ~Anoop Sudhi

So many lovely smiles and sparkling eyes get hidden behind the mud and the dirt in Bangalore’s slims & shanties.

In dingy rooms, that are slightly bigger than an average dining-table at a middle class house, families of 4, 6 and even, 8 people live. ‘How would the life be?’ I dread to think.

There are tiny babies, little girls, spirited boys, old folks, pregnant women, Yes its the same set of human beings that you would expect in an average apartment-complex, that you see in those barely covered houses (if i can call them houses). Tin roofs, wooden walls made of old signboards and wooden planks, shreds of clothes gathered from all over the town are crucial building material to these shanties.

Safety and security of the children, women & the old in these places are of lesser significance to the rest of the world, isn’t it? Parents I know (including me), shudder and panic when their precious child, more so if its a girl, goes out of sight for a few moments. Yet here little children, young girls still in their childhood roam around, with no one probably bothering till dusk when they are expected to reach home.

I don’t have a solution.
My friends who go to these slums with me, they too do not have a solution.

But I am with that bunch of people who ‘think for’ a solution. A large part of the ‘thinking and talking time’ in their lives lately, are about ideas that might improve the livelihood of the ‘other humans’. They do it with so much energy that these acts have become a ‘party’ in itself. The whole process has, in a subtle way, become a natural part of their lives. Its a delight to watch them & be with them.

These photos are from a recent event where we conducted Dental Check-ups & Clothes Distribution. In spite of all that they don’t have, they greet & meet us with hearty smiles every single time.

– Anoop Sudhi