” Papa, lets go give gifts to the Bhayyas & Deedees !” ~ Little Daya

My 2+ yr daughter: ” Papa, lets go give gifts to the Bhayyas & Deedees !”

I …will… take care of the poor.
I …will be… generous to the needy.
I …will… do only good to people.
In short, I am a good human being; belonging to that small segment of ‘few good people’ in the society.

Yeah, there is always an aura of goodness & a halo of godliness in my thoughts, about me! But when I relate my thoughts to actions, there are only futuristic good deeds that are waiting to happen. There is always a “will”, that never seem to leave.
But hey, don’t take me to be a completely insensitive person. I do my tiny little bit. At traffic signals, I pull down my car-window down a few inches (if the window goes too low, the car AC’s comfortable chill goes low. So it’s always ‘just a little low’), and drop a coin to the most pathetic looking beggar on the street. Then I take a deep breath aahhh….! Its almost a sigh of relief, of having done something for the needy of the society. With that Godly act, I yet again reinstate my position among the so called kind-hearted “few good people” of the society.

The above illustration of the “self-indulgent ME” is sadly the psychology of a whopping majority of our society. They form easily 90% of the world. But you know that’s a beautiful thing. Imagine how it would have been if the 90% thought “I don’t care”. That would have been dangerous. On the contrary, our good-old “I-am-good-and-I-am-waiting-to-do-good” category is awesome as all they need is a small push, a little motivation, a logical direction; in short, a small spark to actually start doing the society some good that makes an impact, that brings a smile.

‘Let’s Feed Bangalore’ is that small spark, which is so simple and at the same time, so immensely generous, that the ‘giver’ actually touches a few hearts & brings smiles to a few faces. What could be more divine than you sharing the food from your family’s plate. The same food that you made for your dearest people being shared among people who rarely see full meals, that probably is the most divine act of all.
The other reason so many people have taken Let’s Feed Bangalore to their hearts, is the ease with which you get to do the good deed. All you need to do is
– make a call,
– pack your homemade food in to the packets delivered to your doorstep and
– finally, just handover the packed food to the smiling volunteer who visits to collect it.
And you are done.
The ever-smiling volunteers of LFB are ready to take the pain of distribution & collection, even if it is for One Single pack. Because they have this exhilarating knowledge that one additional food pack means one more beautiful smile! These volunteers are other versions of Me & You, IT Professionals, Consultants, Engineers, self-employed entrepreneurs etc. They are normal people with extraordinary levels of compassion, a very positive energy to do good, patience to encourage others to do good!

And to those who wish for an engagement deeper than above mentioned, you are welcome to take up a bigger role. You could work at adding more Donors to the movement, could coordinate & collect the food packets from donors in your area, contribute with your technical skills in building the infrastructure, use your communication skill & network to spread the news or could even give a hand in the distribution process. So how much ever you intent to do, don’t hesitate. It takes a very insignificant amount of effort from you, to make a very significant impact on another human, mitigate his hunger. Contact me at +91 9900 867 665 or any of the other volunteers or drop on note on our Facebook page and we will contact you.

Me & my wife Nisha, started with a few packets of food in the first Let’s Feed Bangalore’s feed-drive and now a couple events after, we contribute around 130 packets, including contributions from approx half our friend circle. And in addition I collect the food packets from the donors in my area. But the best part of being with this movement is being there, where we hand over the food to the needy. The eager faces, the thankful smiles, the loving gazes of kids as small as 3 years, to haplessly old people, have been imprinted in my heart for a lifetime. Rarely have something so simple made such huge impact in life. Something so easy, given satisfaction that is uncomparable to anything else… rare! Some of our little friends try hold your hands, give you a “hi-fi”, try to engage in a conversation with you. I don’t quite understand Kannada, but I sense selfless love in their words & feel immense gratitude in their eyes. That’s when I thank LFB & the its founders in my mind!

But the real realization of the greatness of being part of Let’s Feed Bangalore movement, came to us as a surprise. We have always made sure that our 3 Year old child Daya, is part of all the events. She is with us all the time when we mingle with the kids and distribute the food packs. She hands over food packs and plays with them. For her it is this massive event where we distribute Gifts to many Bhaiyyas & Deedees. And you know what her new found hobby at home is? She packs her favorite toys in whatever cover or envelope she can lay hands-on, and brings it to us and says “Papa, lets go and gift this to the Bhayyas & Deedees … OK!”

– Anoop Sudhi