I see the world in a different way now ~Aswin Rajan

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.
– Marcel Proust

6 months ago when I was on my way back from office, I was waiting for the signal to turn green.There was a kid not older than 7 years who came near me and asked to buy some stickers or pen for 10 or 20 rupees
Me: (Turning blind eye) I have only 100.No change
Kid: Please brother. I have no other means of earning money.Please buy something
Me: (With a stern voice) Please stop bothering me. I don’t need it

The kid left that place with a sad face as the light turned green. I then head straight towards one of the leading pizza franchise and hand over my card for the bill amount of 1200 and collected the Pizza. Not a single thought flashed in my mind about the kid whom I have encountered 10 min ago.

Fast forward 6 months. May 28th – Preparing for the drive on World Hunger Day. This is my third drive. Numerous thoughts ran in my mind since I got up. Though I was a mere volunteer(there are lot more who does contribute significantly than me), I was thinking of all the planning made. Made sure there is nothing lagging from my end. Packed my gadgets; made sure food packets were collected from the donors on time. I was stuck in traffic & With each passing minute I was getting restless and pestering my friend to reach the venue on time, so that Kids don’t feel the disappointment even by a slight delay of time.

As Planned, education drive was conducted first to emphasise the need for education and to follow the personal hygiene at all costs. On behalf of the team, I thank the donors who not only donated food but their time as well to help us in conducting the drive in a successful way. We were able to distribute food to more than 850 children in and around the area of Munnekolala, Whitefield & in total 4000 across Bengaluru. Needless to say that our volunteers & coordinators have planned and conducted this drive efficiently.

The reason I mentioned the first incident is to show that there is good in everyone. Sometimes you have to look for it, but eventually it will shine through. LFB gave us that opportunity to show our kindness; our love to those who needed. It made me see the world differently. I wish to be a part of this voyage for as long as I can and when I say so I believe I share the thoughts of everyone.

– Aswin Rajan